Featured Card of the Day – 10 of Cups – Monstarot from Joanna Nelson Studio

Artist: Joanna Nelson

Website: JoannaNelsonStudio.com


Family, happiness, stability

Artist Interpretation

A rainbow of cups arcs over a loving couple standing facing one another hand-in-hand. Happiness fills the air. They are in awe of the beauty and feeling incredibly blessed for all that they have in life right now. Their hearts are full of joy.

Card Meaning

It’s time to bask in the warmth of loved ones and appreciate the happiness and stability that it provides. You have withstood trials which could have broken your spirit, and could have resulted in you closing yourself off to the world. Instead, you have come out the other side, emotionally balanced, open hearted, stronger, and inner peace is now yours. You are rich in love, family and friends, secure in yourself and truly happy. All’s right with the world…enjoy!

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