Featured Card of the Day – Wheel of Fortune – Monstarot from Joanna Nelson Studio 

Artist: Joanna Nelson

Website: JoannaNelsonStudio.com


Change, destiny, ups and downs

Artist Interpretation

Riding the wheel of life we have both good and bad times. These little monsters stay optimistic as the wheel turns. This wheel of karma reminds us that for every action there is a reaction. They may also believe that everything happens for a reason, but they know that even when things are down you can fight to get back up on top of that wheel.

Card Meaning

Everything changes, and you have to accept it. It might feel like we’re being toyed with, it might be brutal or painful, or wonderful and full of fun. But no matter what we do, just like the ticking of a clock we can’t stop change. Instead you should embrace it – appreciate the good when it’s here, know that the bad times will pass, leaving you stronger and with experience that you need to face the next challenge or celebration.

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