Featured Card of the Day – 5 of Wands – Monstarot from Joanna Nelson Studio

Artist: Joanna Nelson

Website: JoannaNelsonStudio.com


Tension, chaos, competition

Artist Interpretation

Five bugs swat at each other playfully, but competitively. Each is hitting the other’s wands to see who can knock a wand free from one bug’s grasp. They are testing each other’s strengths, while friends cheer from the sideline.

Card Meaning

Conflict or competition? You’re dealing with daily niggles that feel like they’re stopping you from moving forward the way you want to, and it’s irritating. But how will you deal with it? Will you allow this tension and strife to block you? Or will you rise above it, and use it as motivation to get better? Are these issues really delaying you? Or are they honing your skills and giving you valuable experience for the future?

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