Featured Card of the Day – The Sage – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Sharing, Communication, Knowledge, Information, Culture, Tradition, Advice, Manipulation

Key Phrases

– Be the storyteller
– Communicate your thoughts and feelings
– Know your audience
– Devote time to research and investigation
– Learn the traditions and customs of others
– Know your ancestors and heritage
– Sage advice both given and received
– There is no good time to give unsolicited advice
– Question your traditional reactions and responses
– Do not speak so much that you forget to listen
– Be wary of the smooth talker
– Do not embellish the truth

Card Meaning

The Sage in his glory is an enthralling character. He is the sagacious older man, one who is entertaining, expressive, knowledgeable, informative and just a little mystical and wizard like. He is a perceptive man, a storyteller at heart, who can read and move his audience with skill and ease.

He’s also just a little bit of a magician and a master communicator, and when the Sage card appears in your reading, it represents the sharing of knowledge and communication.

Philosophy, mythology, religion, culture, politics, history, science…there’s not much that the Sage does not love to learn about. He loves to understand the how and why of everything, and will develop his knowledge to the highest level he can achieve. Knowledge is his one true passion, and at this stage of his life, sharing his knowledge – being the storyteller – is something that brings him great joy.

He is, in essence, the voice of society and civilization, but with an unassuming flair for the dramatic. However, as unassuming as he can be, he is a philosopher and orator who enjoys being the center of attention. He could be the perfect professor whose students lean in, listening intently to every word. He could also be the charismatic politician who charms his constituents and wins by a landslide. If the Sage has a message he feels is important he will find a way and means to deliver it to his target audience, and that audience will hang on every word.

He has a particular affinity for young people, and you will often find him surrounded at gatherings, talking, debating, and sharing his wisdom and knowledge. He takes delight in the you and will often place himself in the role of mentor to students.

The Sage is also a very deep thinker, who sometimes feels a need to withdraw from the world so that he can devote time to research and investigation. He does not learn for learning’s sake, but because he has a driving need to understand the universe, natural world, and humanity. His knowledge brings him clarity and enables him to be discerning.

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