Featured Card of the Day – 10 of Water – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Universal Love, Divine Connection, Centredness, Serenity, Peace, Oneness, Boundaries, Disruption

Key Phrases

– Truly living in the present
– A feeling of divine connection
– A time of serenity and ease
– Power born of knowledge and understanding
– A positive emotional state
– The power to consciously project your energy
– Say ‘no’ to disruptive influences
– Giving life and power to shadows

Card Meaning

The Ten of Water symbolizes both a beginning and an ending. It is that moment when we let go of emotions that bind us to the past and find ourselves truly living in the present for the first time. It is a feeling of divine connection with all and everything, feeling and knowing that love dwells at the very core of our being, and always has.

It symbolizes a period of time when we can move through life with a serene sense of ease and fluidity, even when surrounded by turmoil or conflict – when the weight of past emotions is released, and everything flows in the manner it is meant to. Our emotional state now influences our life in a positive way that makes it easy to see and understand how powerful we truly are when we divest ourselves of emotional hooks to the past that only serve to limit and restrict us.

To know yourself to the extent that you understand why you feel as you do, and then realize that you have the choice to react in a different way, is to have control over the energy that you project. Instead of creating a reality that is a reflection of unconscious emotional energy, the Ten of Water lets you know you can now consciously project your feelings, and create a future of your choosing.

Have you ever noticed how someone can alter the energy of an entire room of people, just by walking in and smiling? One smile, a kind gesture, a moment of attention and genuine interest, can change a person’s whole demeanor in a heartbeat. Some people seem to have an almost tangible connection to everything and everyone, and a single word or glance can bring joy.

When the Ten of Water appears in the cards before you, she represents a state of serene grace that is achievable if you desire it. By consciously embracing a positive mindset and focusing on living a joyful life in this moment, on this day, and each day that follows, you can influence everything around you in the same positive manner. It is not about denying those influences that create discord and disharmony – instead, it is about choosing not to allow them to disrupt your life or steal your happiness. It is about starting each day with a smile, greeting everyone you meet with kindness, and focusing your attention on the things that bring you peace and joy.

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