Featured Card of the Day – King of Air – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Disciplined, Ethical, Commanding, Expert, Forceful, Precise, Rule-Oriented, Respectful

Key Phrases

– A time for ethical bahavior
– No room for compromise
– Seek the advice of an expert
– Respect the rules or laws
– Why are you pushing boundaries?
– Keep your judgment free of emotional impediment
– Don’t be drawn into an argument
– Don’t reject unsolicited advice

Card Meaning

The King of Air is a just and fair leader, with a stern and commanding presence. He can be imposing, and somewhat intimidating, due to his formal manner, but his stern countenance is tempered by a compassion born of his spiritual belief. He is an educated man, with vast knowledge. He is also a wise man, wo has learned from every life experience. When he speaks, everybody listens.

He is also a disciplined man, who can, at times, be uncompromising and rigid, as he has a very fixed belief system. He cannot be corrupted or easily swayed. He believes rules are made to be followed, and should not be broken. The laws of the land were made to keep people safe, and he believes those break the law should understand the consequences of their actions. Yes, he can choose to show compassion in passing his judgment; however, he will not compound the wrong by failing to bring a wrongdoer to account. His judgment is fair, but final, and is delivered in accordance to the law and without emotional impediment.

When the King of Air appears in your reading, it may represent a need to seek legal counsel of financial advice. Is there a point of law, or a money matter, that you need to have clarified by someone who is not emotionally invested in achieving a particular outcome? If not a matter of law, or a financial matter, it may be something to do with rules and regulations that has you concerned. Some sort of infringement on your personal rights? Seek out someone with expertise in the area of concern. You need to know where you stand.

The King of Air is a no-nonsense person. He is direct and to the point, but uninterested in debate or argument for argument’s sake. You may find yourself in a position where you need to embody the same behavior. Don’t be drawn into an argument at this time if all you are going to do is repeat yourself. Present your case, be direct and to the point, and then don’t be drawn into further debate. If you have said all that needs to be said at this point, any further form of response is a waste of energy.

If you find yourself dealing with somebody who embodies the nature of the King of Air, be advised that they are not usually somebody who will change their mind. Nor are they somebody who is going to change their ways with ease. Change is possible, but on their own terms, and at their own pace. If you attempt to push a King of Air type to change their mind, opinion, or behavior, you are courting conflict. If you are romantically involved with one, you might just have to accept them for who they are, because they are always going to be forceful and a little dogmatic.

As a parent, he is always going to be a strict and rule-oriented father. He will demand respect, and that those who live under his roof follow his rules. His rules, however, are usually fair and do more to protect than to harm, so if you find yourself at loggerheads, take a moment to ask yourself if it might be you who needs to look at their actions. Are you pushing boundaries because those boundaries need to be shifted, or are you pushing them just because they are there?

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