Featured Card of the Day – 9 of Water – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Illumination, Acceptance, Openness, Emotional Enlightenment, Strength, Courage, Fear, Ignorance

Key Phrases

– Open your heart
– Past experiences leave an emotion imprint
– Shine a light on the source of the emotional pain
– The effect of past experiences on the present moment
– The weight of our emotions
– Emotional enlightenment – the process of becoming lighter
– Ignorance is not bliss
– Break the cycle. Remove the emotional hooks

Card Meaning

The very first thing to be born in the darkness of the Void was Light. The Nine of Water represents a need to embrace an open heart and allow the light of love to transform and heal emotional pain, and turn it into knowledge that set us free. Our past experiences, good and bad, leave an emotional imprint. Remembered joy and love can inspire a sense of wellbeing. A happy memory creates a feeling within that curves the lips and makes us smile or laugh, while a bad memory can cause tears and open old wounds we thought were healed and forgotten long ago.

Have you ever heard a song playing on the radio and had tears form in your eyes because the song was one you shared with a past love who broke your heart? Have you ever had somebody say something to you that has triggered anger because they have touched on deep rooted, remembered anger toward another who said the very same words? Have you ever started laughing uncontrolably because a silly moment in the now stirred up memories of a silly, happy memory in the past? Our emotions can lift us as high as the stars, or plummet us into an abyss of despair, and yet, all too often, we do not know or understand why we feel and react as we do. What makes some memories so much more vivid and unforgettable? What makes them unforgettable is how they made us feel. This is emotional imprinting at work, and, through it, we can and do bind ourselves emotionally to the past. In the present, these imprints become triggers that have us reacting on an almost purely emotional level.

If our mind was a bank in which we could choose what memories we save, the majority would save only the memories that make them smile, while discarding those that make them cry. There wouldbe so many happy, smiling people in the world if we could choose to keep only the memories that make us smile. Unfortunately, we have no choicem but what we do have is the choice to recognize our emotional triggers so the bad memories, or those laden with weighty emotions, have less influence upon us. By shining a light on the source of the emotional pain,and then accepting that the moment that caused it is over and cannot be changed or undone, we take the first step to freeing ourselves from the emotional hooks that bind us to the past. Recognizing how we feel and react when recalling that moment, or experiencing one like it, is the next step toward emotional awareness. Finally, in being mindful and learning not to react when an emotional trigger is squeezed, we reach emotional enlightenment, a state when we are no longer shackled. Eventually, there comes a time when we no long hae to be mindful, because the memory no longer has any influence. The hurt has healed, and we have transcended.

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