Featured Card of the Day – Choice – Dreams of Gaia by  Ravynne Phelan 

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Choice, Options, Opportunity, Free Will, Self-Determination, Mindfulness, Manifestation, Cause and Effect, Reward, Consequence, Procrastination

Key Phrases

– Choice creates reality
– Belief is a choice
– Inaction is a choice
– The choice is yours
– Determine your direction
– The past has influence
– Choice offers reward or consequence
– Weigh your options
– Choose wisely
– Stop procrastinating
– Be responsible for your choices
– Awareness empowers

Card Meaning

All that you are, all that you have learned and experienced, is born of choice – the choices you have made, the choices others have made on your behalf, or choices they have made for themselves that have impacted on or influeced your life. You may believe that you have no choice, but that in itself is a choice. You may also exercise your right to allow others to decide for you – this too is a choice.

You may believe that you have too many options, and allow this to confuse and cloud your ability to choose – this is yet another choice. You are free to choose, or to allow others to choose for you. You can choose blindly, or with care. You can choose to act, or procrastinate. You can make your choices wisely, with knowledge and awareness, or make them in ignorance. Whether you choose to believe it not not, you are blessed with free will – the power to act and choose independently and determine your future.

You are a product of your choices and the choices of others. All that surrounds you within your environment is the result of your choices and the cjpoces of others. All comes back to Choice.

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