Featured Card of the Day – 3 of Wands – Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Artist:  Paulina Cassidy 

Website:  http://www.paulina.ws


Foresight, ventures, confidence. vision, imagination.

Artist Interpretation 

It’s time for Moxie to set out on her exciting journey and make things happen! She hovers in anticipation, bearing the desire to blaze a trail into uncharted territory. Three little sunny companions patiently float around her she formulates a clear plan of action before setting out.

Card Meaning 

The perfect balance of your willpower and action will move you forth with spiritual and intellectual harmony. Recognize all you have to offer as well as all that you need in return. Your creative flame will set things in motion, bringing you closer to your dreams. Remain confident with you ideas, and stay focused on your intentions. Your entrepreneurial spirit will bear new opportunities and new perspectives.


A false start. Cancellation of plans. Ulterior motives. Carelessness. Creative blocks.

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