Featured Card of the Day – 10 of Air – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Individuation, Self-Actualization, Liberation, Altered Perception, New Paradigms, Great Mystery, Paradox, Potential

Key Phrases

– A time of independence
– Say goodbye to the public persona
– No longer bound by another’s opinion
– Walk your own path
– Humans are paradoxical by nature
– See and know your potential
– The self is whole
– Time to grow up and leave home

Card Meaning

The process of individuation leads to becoming one’s self, to stepping away from the external forces that we believe define us, to becoming an independent being who recognizes and embraces their own uniqueness and individuality.

It is about removing the mask we present to the public so that we are liked and respected and accepted; the face we wear so we fit in and belong.

No longer are our public face and private life very different; we present our face to the world, and if it is not liked, then so be it. If it makes a black sheep in a flock of white sheep, then so be it. We would rather be honest and accepted by the few than to be what family or society expects. Individuation is being who we are meant to be, as opposed to being the person society tells us we should be. It is breaking free from caring  about what people think of us because we are not bound by others’ opinions of us or our actions, the constraints of society, or the impediments of our past.

It is integrating conscious and unconscious, soul and shadow, the masculine and the feminine, and creating a whole where the self resides at the center. No longer does duality separate and divide. All is in harmony, and working in unison. You are you – whole, complete, and ever evolving – and that evolution is not a linear process. It is a circumambulatory process of viewing the self and seeing it from multiple perspectives, and accepting and integrating all of the facets and aspects into the whole. No aspect is ugly or beautiful, none good or bad, none better or worse; each has its place and purpose as part of the beautiful whole.

To indiviuate is to understand paradox, and accept that you are one. You are human. To be a whole and complete human is to be paradoxical.

To individuate is to see and know your potential, and to step forward into the unknown and meet it. You are willing to step away from all that you were, so that you may become all that you choose to be.

In this process, your perception is altered forever. You are forever transformed. No more are you willing to embrace old paradigms that limit and restrict, that espouse a belief that says you should not or cannot. You move forward into the Great Mystery with confidence, knowing that even when life offers conflict and chaos, when we remain at the center, we have peace.

When the Ten of Air appears in your reading it represents a time in our life after we have chosen to step free of the mask and wear only one face in private and public. No longer do we hide our thoughts, beliefs, or feelings in order to be accepted, liked, or respected. We have turned our back on expectation, on convention, on mediocrity – on normalcy – to embrace and accept who we are and stand tall and proud.

It is time to separate yourself from the herd, and to walk your own path. Step through the doorway, and begin a life where new paradigms replace the old, and you are free to be the best you can be, instead of the you that society tells you that you must be.

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