Featured Card of the Day – The Emperor – Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Artist:  Paulina Cassidy

Website:  http://www.paulina.ws


Structure, willpower, authority, practicality, control.

Artist Interpretation 

The confident and structured emperor, Eminence, has earned his wisdom through experience. His ram’s antlers and warrior headgear are a reminder of his great leadership and authority. His dragon companions, Order and Conviction, stand by him in the coordination of systematic plans. In a position of strength, Eminence is clothed in sunlight gold, symbolic of growth and comfort. He’s an ideal source of advice due to his scrutinizing ability to see through the most clever of disguises. He is defender of the vulnerable, and rejector of the lazy.

Card Meaning 

Have confidence in your ability to embrace control and structure in your life. Consider all facts, remain grounded, and be motivated. Discover and make use of your inner-strength, as this is what makes you a leader. Connection with discipline will bring you closer to realizing goals.


Irresponsibility. Criticism. Loss of authority.

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