Featured Card of the Day – 4 of Air – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Structure, Routine, Order, Patterns, Discipline, Oraganization, Understanding, Productivity

Key Phrases

– Order your environment
– Banish clutter. Clean house
– Create structure in your day
– Follow a routine
– Keep a time budget
– If you truly want something, you will make time for it
– Limit distraction and time wasters
– Weed out bad habits
– Remove negative influences

Card Meaning

The Four of Air symbolizes the importance of ordering your environment and giving your day structure, especially if you have specific goals or projects you wish to perform, and complete.

Routines are our daily habits – the things that we do on a daily basis – given structure and order. Following our routine moves us from one part of our day to the next. Having a routine can provide us with a level of security born of consistency.

By establishing order in our environment, we also add to that sense of security. When everything has its place, we can be confident that it will be there when we need it. We won’t waste hours of our day looking for something that has been lost in the clutter and mess that we often surround ourselves with.

A cluttered and chaotic environment can give rise to a cluttered and disorganized mind, a mind that is unable to follow a routine that is conducive to productivity.

The Four of Air suggests establishing order in your life by removing the clutter. Establish a pattern of regular cleaning. Put things back where they belong after use so they are there the next time you need them. Keep your paperwork in order. Even make a place in your life for the unexpected and unanticipated. That way, even chaos does not have too much of an impact on your peace of mind, or prevent you from doing what needs to be done.

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