Featured Card of the Day – Integrity – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Integrity, Honesty, Honor, Character, Values, Morality, Sincerity, Consistency, Principles, Fairness

Key Phrases

– Act with honesty and honor
– Walk your talk
– Everyone deserves a second chance
– Oppose hypocrisy, dishonesty, cruelty, and injustice
– Practice ethical and honest behavior
– Do not play favorites
– Be the best person you can be
– Do it for love not for profit
– Keep your promises
– Do not betray a trust
– Avoid gossip and speaking ill of others
– Do not cheat or take the easy way
– Do not allow injustice or cruelty toward innocents
– Behavior and actions influence reputation
– We all live in glass houses, so avoid judging

Card Meaning

The Integrity card is the eighth card of the influence cards. It represents making choices and acting with honesty and honor.

Integrity has many forms. There is personal integrity, professional integrity, artistic integrity, and intellectual integrity.

To have personal integrity is to have high moral, ethical, and personal standards, and to hold true to your core values regardless of circumstances. It is to stand in direct opposition of hypocrisy, dishonesty, cruelty, and injustice; to honor your personal truths. Your words and actions are in harmony, and do not contradict each other. In short, you walk your talk.

To have sound personal integrity is to be of good character and nature. It is to be authentic, and not hide behind any deception or illusion. What you see is what you get. Authenticity is the mainstay of a person with integrity.

To have artistic integrity is to do what you love, because you love it. Yes, if you are blessed to be able to create for a living, you should do so, but the basis of creation should always be love, not money. A person with artistic integrity would not compromise themselves or their craft for money. They will always give their audience and clients their finest work, because, when they love what they do, they strive without conscious thought to have their current project or creation be their best. Their heart and passion is always their guiding influence.

To have professional integrity is to practice ethical and honest behavior in business. It is to accord fellow employees, employers, customers, and clients respect and honesty. It is to meet one’s professional duties to the best of your ability each and every time. It is to strive to offer a product or workmanship of the highest quality, and to be willing to grow, improve, and refine one’s self in order to become a master of your craft, or the top of your field of expertise.

To have intellectual integrity is to live by the very same standards that you expect others to live by. It is to be consistent and treat all with equality. It is to be just and fair. It is to hold true to your core values in a manner that is consistent and expected. It is to give those around you the same treatment and not play favorites. There should be no arbitrary exceptions, including yourself.

Those with integrity do their utmost to avoid hypocrisy, but also know and understand that some of the beliefs they subscribe to cannot always be honored. They aspire, but they do not always succeed, and this does not make them less. It makes them human.

Those with integrity are not perfect. Those with integrity are honorable, honest and accepting of their imperfect state and do not strive for an impossible ideal, but instead endeavor to be the best person they can be in all areas of their lives.

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