Featured Card of the Day – The Father – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.ravynnephelan.com


Fatherhood, Leadership, Authority, Protection, Responsibility, Guidance, Support, Compassion, Control

Key Phrases

– The center of power within the family unity
– A time for decisive action
– A source of strength not fear
– What did your father teach you?
– Step up and take charge
– Guide, instruct, and inspire confidence
– Be interested and supportive, not critical
– The buck stops with you
– Fulfill your obligations
– Allow others their autonomy
– Share all tasks and responsibilities
– Step out of the Stone Age

Card Meaning

The Father in his ideal form is a strong, confident man, who, while not believing that the world revolves around him, is very much the center of power within the family unit. He represents the family’s core strength and unity. He is stillness within the storm, someone who is active in his role of provider, protector, teacher, and leader.

The Father is a decisive man of action. He teaches not only by instruction, but by example. He is a man of integrity and honesty, someone who keeps his promises, and takes responsibility for his actions.

He is the provider, not just of financial security and sustenance, but also of order and discipline. He sets the rules within the family home, and they are not just rules that he sets for others, but rules he follows himself. Those rules are constants that provide safety and peace within the home, while still allowing all within that space to flourish.

He is supportive and encouraging, and also unafraid of play and laughter.

He inspires curiosity and creativity in others with his positive influence and interest.

He is, above all else, interested and affectionate. He wants to know his children, and shows that he cares. He takes a proactive role in knowing his children’s likes and dislikes, loves and fears, and does all that he can to have his children leave the family home as confident, happy adults.

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