Featured Card of the Day – 12 of Earth ~ The Seneschal – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Servant, Administrator, Mediator, Justice, Law, Organized, Trustworthy, Loyal

Key Phrases

– Service to a higher purpose
– Loyalty to authority
– Speak for others
– Is your power real or borrowed?
– Follow the rules or directions given
– Use personal power wisely
– Question everything
– Blind loyalty makes one blind

Card Meaning

The Seneschal of Earth symbolizes the service to king and country. The seneschal is a trusted servant who has access to, and control over, all within his lord’s domain. He, while being of noble blood himself, is in service to, and speaks for, the one above him.

His duties are many. He is respected by some and feared by others, for he holds the keys to both the treasury and the dungeon. He is both judge and mediator withinthe halls and lands of the kingdom. He upholds the law and metes out justice in the name of his lord or lady. The seneschal also controls his master’s wealth, giving payment to those who are owed, and collecting taxes from those who owe.

The seneschal is powerful, but his power is borrowed, and dependent upon his willingness to follow the orders of those above him without question. If his loyalty falters, or falls under suspicion, he could lose everything, even his life.

The Seneschal of Earth represents a person in service, not to the many, but to one. His role is multifaceted, and every task is performed with care. He is the master organizer, and possesses both intelligence and a quick mind.

He is a person who sets aside leadership aspirations in order to be the trusted representative of the one who leads. His position places great responsibility on his shoulders, but he is committed and dedicated.

The Seneschal symbolizes a willingness, or necessity, to obey the rules or directions of those in charge, and to put aside personal beliefs and opinions.

This card asks that you use your personal power wisely. If you have the ear and favor of those who are in a position of power, you, in turn, have the power to bring happiness or harm. What do you choose to do?

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