Featured Card of the Day – Page of Shells ~ Frog – Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

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Artist:  Paulina Cassidy 

Website:  http://www.paulina.ws

A walker between water and earth, Frog is your messenger in helping you to reveal the song of your soul. He’s a visionary captain of transition, inspiring you with a more rooted connection to your emotional-self as you grow into something new and even more wonderful, much like the tadpole he himself once was. Frog is a natural romantic with a heart brimming with love. He encourages you to express your feelings, as this will awaken passions and invigorate your heart. Be cognizant to the infinite possibilities of the imagination, as this will set you in motion to unleashing hidden talents. Jump at the chance of starting a new exciting project that strikes your fancy, and follow your instincts.


Messenger, intuition, inspiration, passion, love blossoming, eccentricity, imagination, psychic.

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