Featured Card of the Day – Thought – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Thought, Reality, Power, Attention, Focus, Attraction, Positivity, Negativity, Universal Law

Key Phrases

– Thought creates reality
– Thought is the foundation of consciousness
– Don’t rush your thinking. Be certain
– Thought is energy
– Energy flows where attention goes
– Be mindful of the Universal Laws
– Are conscious and unconscious mind in accord?
– Be realistic, instead of optimistic or pessimistic
– Good and bad go hand in hand
– Change your mind. Change your life
– Do not overthink or speculate
– Question the critical-mind speak

Card Meaning

Cogito ergo sum…I think, therefore I am.

This simple statement, expressed by René Descartes, is a founding principle of Western philosophy. It means if one questions one’s existence, the very act of doubting and then questioning is proof that one does, indeed, exist.

But what if you are a figment of your own imagination or the imagination of a god mind? What if you were something else dreaming of being human – or only existing because someone, or something, is dreaming of you? We may think we are human. We may think we are real, possessing a solid, physical form. We may think our world is what it is, but, at a quantum level, research suggests that the world around us does not exist unless we focus our attention upon it. It does not become real, and remains fluid and changeable, until we give it substance, definition, and form.

You think the table or chair in front of you is there. Your senses and mind give it substance and form, and so therefore it is, but at a quantum level, the table does not exist until you focus your mind and attention upon it.

Thought creates reality.

Thought is the second, and one of the most dominant, of the influence cards in the deck, for thought, like emotion, will determine the direction of your life. Your thoughts, the way you think, shape and create the world around you.

What, and how, you think is as true a reflection of you as the face that looks back at you when you gaze in the mirror.

However, from a scientific standpoint, thought still remains a mystery. Neuroscientists are learning the mechanics of thought, but why it occurs is not yet known and can only be guessed at. Regardless of the way it operates, though, thought is a complex process that involves both the conscious and unconscious mind, and is the result of our senses being stimulated by, and reacting to, the environment in which we dwell. It is the product of mental activity. It is the manipulation of information in a manner that enables us to conceptualize, reason, work through problems, and make decisions.

Thoubht is at the very foundation of consiousness, and some would suggest that, without consciousness, we would not be human.

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