Featured Card of the Day – Ace of Water – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


New Emotions, First Love, Infatuation, Attraction, Lust, Longing, Excitement, Passion

Key Phrases

– An exciting beginning
– Take a leap of faith
– Open your heart
– Follow passion’s lead
– A new experience or opportunity
– A new friendship
– Stop fighting your feelings
– Free of fear’s influence

Card Meaning

The Ace of Water symbolizes the beginning of a new love, and those feelings of nervous excitement we experience at the start of a new relationship. It is that growing sense of attraction and infatuation that draws you in, and dares you to throw common sense aside Falling in love is both paradoxically thrilling and terrifying, as a flood of emotions picks you up and carries you away.

The river could carry you gently, or lead you to rapids, or worse, fling you over a waterfall. Regardless of where this new beginning may lead, now is time to open your heart to another, or to a new experience or opportunity.

Remember, the Ace of Water does not necessarily symbolize a romantic relationship; you are being asked to allow your desire, passion, or attraction to carry you along in its flow, and trust that it will take you to where you need to be.

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