Special Newsletter – January, 2018

Hello there, it has been a while! Please be sure to read this all the way through, in order to understand any changes which may affect you.

In recent months, the words “algorithm” and “censorship” have become the bane of my existence. Previously, they were somewhat tolerable, but the situation has come to be way out of hand. As many of you know, I post all across social media, and you are welcome to follow me anywhere which suits your fancy. My biggest issue has been with my monthly Love and Finance Tarot Guidance, as well as the Weekly Tarot Guidances which I post.

Both of these videos had been receiving thousands upon thousands of views, and over the course of this past year especially, there has been an extreme decline. You are not being shown my work, and I feel this is very unfair to the many of you who have written to me to tell me how much it has helped. This always warms my heart and encourages me to put forth as much guidance as I can, so that everyone has just what they need to help them find their way. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that so many of you have been cut off from seeing these videos. Either they are not showing up in your social media, or they have been set aside for review due to censorship protocol which has been put into place due to undesirable content which has flooded the internet. While that does not apply to my work, it still often puts me in the crosshairs of censorship scrutiny, and since my videos are all time-sensitive, this creates a problem.

So, in these past several weeks, as you may have heard me mention, I was looking for new ways to make sure that everyone could still receive these videos, in a manner which was acceptable to them. So here goes:

Whether you pledge on Patreon, or not, you can follow me there, for FREE, and receive all of my public posts, which includes both the Love and Finance and Weekly readings. There is even a Patreon app to make it more convenient for you.  So, if you are already on Patreon, just stay put! You are good to go!


On YouTube, these videos will still be public, but require a small payment. This sets them apart from the free ones, and removes them from scrutiny.  It is my understanding you need to be logged into your YouTube account to pay. 


On Facebook, I have created a Members Only section which is accessible by clicking on “Use App” at the top of my Tarot by Cecelia page, or anywhere else where you see it mentioned. The link will post every four days to the page, and it will be included in other places such as the Weekly blog post which I have been doing since the inception of my blog. Membership is $1 per month, payable through PayPal, and includes membership in the closed group, Tarot by Cecelia, Weekly and Monthly, Members Only. Once you join, the app automatically recognizes you and sends you straight to the content. You may also create a shortcut to your smartphone, allowing you to use the app separately.


I sincerely hope that these changes provide an appropriate avenue for you to listen. As always, I will continue to look for new ways to provide content which is helpful and positive.

If you want to remain aware of any changes as they come about, be sure to scroll down and sign up for email.

Love, Cecelia ❤️


  1. Dearest,
    I have been following g you on you tube and Facebook for approximately 2 and 1/2 years now.
    While your readings and psychic advice has resonated spit on with me, you have also helped me through the unexpected death of my daughter.
    Just listening to your encouragement ( repeatedly) I must admit it.
    You’ve been there with out even try I g to or knowing me either.

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
    You are blessed!

    Natalie Cheney

  2. Best to you Cecelia…your work is outstanding. I will work my way to being able to financially support your very intuitive work. Best to you in 2018. Possibly, one day, you will consider being interviewed by me. my website is listed below as a former journalist, you will be able to see the type of work I do…look under Conversations with Natalie J.. Enjoy and have fun!

    • No one is asking you to support me. I am trying to offer up options for continued service. The Patreon one is free. As far as talking to me, use my Facebook Messenger.

  3. Cecelia I just want to tell you how grateful I am for having found you and you are now apart of my everyday life , I feel like you are the mother that I recently had ripped out of mine and my immediate families life by other members of my family whom are greedy and selfish people and only care about my 96 Year old mother’s money , I have no contact for over two months they broke our door door down and took her with just the clothes she had on that day on Nov 7 th 17 ( my bday ) and I cannot speak or see her, so you really have helped me get thru this very disturbing and emotional time in my life and I have to say it again , thank you so much for all you do each and everyday ! I am so thankful for you and please don’t ever quit doing this .

    • Thank you for this. My husband’s Will did the same. Slightly reversed. His children of 7, one of ours, picked up their swords and cut me free. I am embracing and learning from the experience. This was in nov 2016, a year after his death. Ithis is not to say I am free of pain but that I have developed an immunity system. God Bless Cecelia. She has supported the immunity. Thank you. And God Bless you. 🌈

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