Featured Card of the Day – Queen of Fire – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Warm, Vibrant, Sexual, Sensual, Independence, Primal, Expansive, Energetic

Key Phrases

– Be optimistic and enthusiastic
– Engage and stimulate all senses
– Give your full attention
– Be focused and confident
– Take pleasure in life
– Don’t second guess yourself
– Hold your head up high
– Avoid petty behavior

Card Meaning

The Queen of Fire is a strong and powerful woman. She is someone who is not afraid to go after that which she desires most. She is focused, and determined, and very optimistic. Those around her find her charismatic and engaging. Her warm and expansive nature draws people to her like moths to a flame.

She is also a very primal, sensual woman. She engages her senses in all that she does. She is the type of person who will always look you in the eye, will reach out and touch your hand, and listen closely, giving you all of her attention. She savors life like it is a glass of fine wine or velvety dark chocolate. She is vibrant, alive, and unforgettable. She has the power to change your life in the moment you first meet her.

Her independent nature makes her a natural leader, not a follower. Her confident and self-assured manner has her achieving all that she sets her mind to, and because she is so embracing and kind, and not interested in competing with anyone, she is loved by many. A natural extrovert, she loves being the center of attention, but she also gives her attention in equal measure.

When the Queen of Fire appears in your reading, she is asking you to be optimistic and positive. Now it is time to focus on the pleasures of life and enjoying what you do. Be bold, and be daring. Be fearless. Now is not the time to second guess yourself or allow doubts to prevent you from acting upon an idea or plan that you know will bring positive change and growth to your life.

She also suggests that you seek out a Queen of Fire type if you need help. She has a vast network of friends and associates, and she is only too happy to point you in the right direction if you are looking for aid. Don’t be afraid to ask for her guidance. This Queen is the kind of person who takes just as much delight in another’s success as she does in her own.

The Queen of Fire symbolizes living a full life and being fully present in every moment. Live a sensory life. Stimulate your senses. All of them. See. Hear. Listen. Touch. Taste. Your senses are a true gift. Put them to use.

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