Featured Card of the Day – 12 of Air – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Recordkeeper, Information, Knowledge, Tradition, History, Personal History, Preservation, Censorship

Key Phrases

– Look for an unbiased source
– Be objective and seek multiple perspectives
– Visit the library or archives
– Value the written word by writing things down
– Document your life journey
– Make multiple copies of your digital files
– A need to censor yourself
– Guard your personal information

Card Meaning

The Scribe is the recordkeeper – the keeper of all knowledge and information about past, present, and future. He is a priestly man, although not necessarily a religious one. His religion is knowledge and wisdom, tradition, mythos and law, philosophy, religion and science, mathematics and the arts, history, current events, and events that are coming. He has a reverance for books, and makes little room for anything else in his life. They are his constant companions, and when he is not reading and memorizing their contents, he is searching for new sources of information, and collating and documenting information so it can be recounted with ease. He is on a perpetual quest for knowledge, not just for his own benefit, but for all of mankind. He believes that recordkeeping is the cornerstone of civilization, and without accurate records, the past has served no purpose.

Unlike the Sage, the Scribe is a man without intellectual bias or prejudice. He is objective and passionate about preserving, having, and providing the most accurate information, and values being able to provide the most accurate information. He always offers knowledge from several perspectives and differing points of view.

When the Scribe appears in your reading, he symbolizes the importance of documenting your life journey. Whether it be through photos, a journal, a blog, or video, record your story so it can be enjoyed and remembered, and do it in a manner than can be safely preserved. Write your thoughts down on paper, keep scrapbooks full of photos and thoughts about your favorite experiences.

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