Featured Card of the Day – 11 of Fire – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan 

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Passive/Aggressive, Creation/Destruction, Action/Inaction, Masculine/Feminine

Key Phrases

– Put aside gender stereotypes
– We are both masculine and feminine
– Masculine energy serves to protect
– Feminine energy serves to nurture
– Too much of one, not enough of the other?
– Time to evaluate and realign
– Allow the energy to increase and ebb
– Embrace the energy that best suits your needs

Card Meaning

The Eleven of Fire is a balancing and realignment card. It symbolizes the importance of balancing our masculine and feminine energies, and to remind us we are, and always will be, a mix of both. Our physical gender is irrelevant. The Eleven of Fire asks that we look beyond gender stereotypes to how we respond and react to day-to-day experiences.

On an energetic level, our masculine aspect serves to protect self and others, while our feminine aspect serves to nurture self and others.

In a simplistic society, a typical male will embody a more masculine energy than feminine. They are characteristally more aggressive and forceful, but also very protective of those they feel are in need of protection. However, they are more apt to use physical force and aggression to protect.

A typical female, however, will embody more feminine energy than masculine. They are characteristically more passive and yielding, and while possessing the same desire to protect the vulnerable, they will generally use diplomacy and dialogue in order to determine an option that avoids conflict.

Gender stereotypes are often one-dimensional and rarely accuracte, especially when we are discussing masculine and feminine energy, as opposed to man and woman. It can become even more problematic to assign specific attributes to either gender when there are many men who identify as female, and women who identify as male.

When it comes to masculine and feminine energy, we all have both, regardless of our physical gender, or the gender we have assigned ourselves – and this energy is expressed in how we behave and act. It influences all that we do.

The Eleven of Fire symbolizes an opportunity to take a moment to evaluate your life, and ask yourself whether you need to embrace a little more masculine or feminine energy in your day-to-day activities and relationships. Do you need to step up and be a little more assertive or proactive? Does something or someone need your protection? Are you not nurturing yourself or others enough? Are you being overly analytical, instead of heeding your intuition? Are you allowing impatience to get the better of you, when your situation calls for calm and compromise? Are you choosing a path of inaction, when you need to embrace one of action in order to manifest the changes you need?

Pause for a moment, evaluate, and bring your masculine and feminine energies back into a harmonious alignment with your life and your needs.

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