Featured Card of the Day – Queen of Air – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Weaver, Observant, Wise, Truthful, Analytical, Strategist, Just, Detachment

Key Phrases

– Time to be realistic
– Be observant
– Plan, organize and determine your course of action
– A need for emotional detachment
– Be decisive and precise
– Choose your words with care
– Stick to the facts
– Don’t allow your intellect to alienate

Card Meaning

The Queen of Air is one who may, at times, seem to be cold and distant. There are also times it is said she lacks in empathy and compassion. This, however, is not the case. The Queen of Air is not unfeeling; rather, she is a critical thinker, possessed of a very analytical mind. She relates to others with more ease on an intellectual level.

She is very observant and detached. After years of observing others, she can see through deception to the truth. She can see how an individual’s choices in the past have led them to their present, and she can see patterns of behavior that weave and influence an individual’s present. The reason she is often said to be without compassion is because she will offer her observations, irrespective of whether they are welcome or not. Tact and diplomacy are not her strengths, and as a consequence, she can come across as quite stern and hard, but her observations and advice are still offered with the best of intentions.

She is neither an optimist or pessimist. She is a realist. She chooses not to allow her emotions to cloud her judgment. She thinks with her head and not her heart, and that is why she appears in your reading today.

The Queen of Air represents a need to think clearly, without emotion clouding judgment and perception. Emotional detachment is necessary. It is not about being uncaring, but understanding that the moment at hand requires decisiveness and impartial objectivity. In order to achieve the outcome you desire, you will need to be rational, logical, and realistic, and call upon your knowledge and learning. Think things through carefully. Facts are all that matter. An emotional response, or one born of an intuitive feeling, is counterproductive at this time.

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