Featured Card of the Day – King of Earth – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Virile, Successful, Industrious, Devoted, Steadfast, Authoritative, Reliable, Dedicated

Key Phrases

– Take pride in accomplishments
– Pay it forward
– Honor your process
– Now is not the time to make changes
– Life is meant to be enjoyed
– Free yourself from control
– Don’t be lazy
– Abuse/misuse of power

Card Meaning

The King of Earth is a very satisfied man, and he has every reason to be; everything he touches turns to gold. His kingdom is secure and wealthy, and his people are happy and prosperous.

While some may consider that his circumstances are born of luck, he is a natural leader, and his success is born of hard work and dedication. He is proud of his accomplishments, and is not afraid to acknowledge them, and, more importantly, to enjoy them. However, despite any appearance of excess, he is very grounded and realistic, and enjoys abundance because he is wise and careful.

The King of Earth is not afraid to be open or candid, because he has no insecurities or emotional baggage to feed doubts and fears. He is only too willing to share in his success, and gives advice and guidance without hesitation when asked. He does not fear that doing so will give rise to a competitor or rival; he believes that everyone is entitled to the same opportunities.

He is clear-minded and reliable, someone you can trust and depend on. He is also wise and intelligent, and these factors keep him at the forefront of all that he does. On a business level, some may see him as boring and pedantic, but his methods are sound. He has found a process that works for him, and one that pays dividends. Why change what yields results? If his methods fail, then he is willing to change, but if the methods work, then change is not required, and is an unnecessary waste of time and energy. He is not one to try and fix that which is not broken.

The King of Earth may appear in your reading to tell you that it is okay to rejoice in your successes. All to often, we are made to feel that taking pride in our success equates to being boastful. This can lead to feelings of guilt and a decision to stay silent.

While you can choose your moments, and be respectful of other’s feelings, the King of Earth suggests that you have every right to celebrate your achievements and take pride in your accomplishments.

If you have the resources and means to enjoy yourself, then do so. There is no need to ask for anyone’s permission or blessing. This is, after all, why you have worked so hard.

The King of Earth may also symbolize a need to take a methodical approach thatyou know will work for you. At this time, do not deviate or take a chance on trying something new. Do not allow the opinions of others to sway you, either. Instead, trust in your usual process, especially if it has always worked for you in the past.

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