Featured Card of the Day – Healing – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Healing, Release, Purification, Forgiveness, Transformation, Infection

Key Phrases

– To be human is to be wounded
– A time to connect body, mind, spirit, and soul
– Let go of definitions and labels
– Nurture passions and seek pleasure
– Authenticity, honesty, and laughter
– Find the source of disease and distress
– You need to forgive
– Do what’s necessary to increase wellbeing
– Do not dwell on the unchangeable past
– Shift your attention
– Do not allow your pain to hurt others
– Seek treatment. Do not be afraid

Card Meaning

The Healing card illustrates our third reason for being; however, it covers healing on several levels, and does not necessarily suggest or imply that you are wounded or in need of healing – at least not on a conscious level. A happy, safe, and peaceful life does not always accord us with perfect health and wellbeing. Every person is vulnerable to disease, whether it manifest in physical, mental, or emotional stress, or as a feeling of emptiness and longing that is born of spiritual wounds.

Humans are a part of a hierarchical race. We have a social order, with the elite and wealthy at the top, and the uneducated and poor at the bottom. We are a species that is driven to win, with each of us striving to do better, to be better than the generation that came before. Those at the top want to stay there, and those at the bottom want to reach the top. We are goal-oriented, and believe that success moves us forward, and failure sets us back. We are on a perpetual quest to improve, whether it be our social standing, quality of life, or a simple desire to be a better person. We must be better. We must do better.

The Healing card symbolizes a need to reconnect and listen to what your body, mind, and feelings are telling you – to work with them instead of against them. Whether it be as simple as addressing a physical ailment, or addressing that empty ache that comes from denying ourselves enjoyment and connection, this card signals that it is time to rip off the layers of illusion, that protective armor, and the masks, and look at what lies beneath.

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