Featured Card of the Day – Queen of Earth – Dreams of Gaia by Ravynne Phelan

Artist: Ravynne Phelan

Website: http://www.RavynnePhelan.com


Earth Mother, Pragmatic, Real, Kind, Nurturing, Abundant, Fertile Mind, Wise

Key Phrases

– Touch, connect, and create with your hands
– Be supportive and nurturing
– Seek out a motherly role model
– A need for wise and honest counsel
– Kindness is required
– You are loved and supported
– Mother, do not smother
– Share the responsibilites

Card Meaning

The Queen of Earth symbolizes a real, authentic, earth mother personality. She is larger than life and possesses an abundant, generous, and grounded nature.

She is realistic, but also sees magic everywhere. She is an earth mother who spends a great deal of time covered in soil, and it is not unknown for her to walk around oblivious to the leaves and twigs in her hair.

She adores creating a warm and inviting home where all are welcome. Cooking, cleaning, gardening – these are the things she loves, and she enjoys them all the more because of her tactile and sensual nature. She is a woman who loves nothing more than using her hands to touch, connect, and create.

The Queen of Earth is the epitome of kindness; she will offer support, and nurture your every endeavor, while also offering wise and honest counsel.

She comes to ask if this is how you see yourself. Or have you been so focused on business undertakings and career that you have created an imbalance in your life and disconnected from your true nature? Is it time for you to enjoy the benefits of being a homebody for a while? Maybe a home-cooked meal, or weekend out in the garden is on the agenda, instead of meetings and reports.

The Queen of Earth may also appear in your reading at times when you find yourself in need of a gentle reminder to be both nurturing and supportive of those around you. While you encourage and support others in their desire to better themselves, remember to do so without trying to change them.

In her role as wise woman, she may be asking that you seek out those who embody her energy. Perhaps there is a need for you to connect with a motherly role model at this time. Maybe all you need is a hug, but you may also be facing issues that her fertile mind and natural wisdom can help you with. A little motherly advice may unlock an answer and provide a solution.

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