Featured Card of the Day – 2 of Wands – New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul

Artist:  Roxana Paul

Website:  http://www.roxanapaul.com

Artist Interpretation 

A man stands in the garden, overlooking the sea. He holds his hand to his heart as if he sacrifices his past and thinks about the future. Rich clothes of the man show that he achieves the life success. In the foreground of the picture, a well is located as the symbol of wealth. The sea behind the low garden wall looks calm, being in harmony with the whole atmosphere of the image on the card.  

Card Meaning 

Two of Wands represents a situation in which a person has all benefits but is looking for other challenges or new experiences. It is a situation of choosing an own way and following it to achieve success. Below some distinguishing characteristics of this card:

– having a choice;

– making a decision;

– being brave;

– taking the initiative.

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