Featured Card of the Day – The Moon – New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul

Artist:  Roxana Paul

Website:  http://www.roxanapaul.com

Artist Interpretation 

The high gate to a king palace with the giant Moon above, a long pool, and the famous Babylonian hanging gardens are depicted on the Moon card. There is no one person on this card, as well as “classical” mages of a crab and dog. Instead, two lumasi, Babylonian protective deities with bodies of a bull and human’s heads are portrayed in the frescoes on the garden’s wall. It looks as if they guard the entrance to the palace.

Sin is the god of the moon and wisdom. He is one of the oldest gods in the Babylonian pantheon, being the father of Utu-Shamash, the sun god, and the twin brother of Ishtar, goddess of love and fertility. Sin’s wife was Nikkal, the goddess of divination and dreams interpretation. His sacred number was 30, indicating the number of days in a month. For the Babylonians, Sin represents natural transformations through the lunar phases.

Card Meaning 

This card relates to the realm of dream, an imaginative subconscious world where the Moon stimulates creativity and intuition. It is the world of visions in which the Moon derives psychic revelations to ignite the inspiration. On the other hand, it is the world of deceptions and delusions where the Moon sends nightmares and self-destructive behavior. Without an appropriate dream interpretation, a person may accept a delusory picture of the world, deceiving him or herself.

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