Featured Card of the Day – 2 of Cups – New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul

Artist:  Roxana Paul

Website:  http://www.roxanapaul.com


Partnership, relationship. Establishing a union, balancing between a practical sense and sensitivity.

Artist Interpretation 

A couple, a young woman and man, has a romantic meetup near a holy spring. According to the Babylonian design tradition, water flows from the mouth of a lion. They hold cups filled with the water from the spring, and they are about to drink it. Probably, they celebrate a marriage. The man looks at the woman with admiration, while her view is directed towards the cup as if she wishes to see some sign in water, and she seems somewhat concerned. The Babylonians had always been looking for omens.

Card Meaning 

Description: Two of Cups represents a situation of harmony, union, and mutual affection. For established relationships, reconciliation is possible, or a new agreement is coming. Two forces draw people to each other, bonding them, and creating love affairs and partnerships. The most significant elements of this card are the following:

– feeling attraction;

– establishing relationship;

– being in agreement; 

– experiencing a union.

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