Featured Card of the Day – Temperance ~ Zebra – Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

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Artist:  Paulina Cassidy

Website:  www.paulina.ws


Balance, harmony, moderation, patience, connection, cooperation, healing.

Artist Interpretation 

Zebra pilots the harmony of opposites. Self-disciplined, she will show you how to find balance, and how to face problems with an air of calm. As with her stripes, the yin-yang balancing of opposites brings forth the ability to maintain harmony. She wants you to recognize challenge as a chance for growth, and to know that opposing forces will enable you to see a deeper truth. A bringer of clarity, she will show you how you can better pace yourself in order to make the best decisions. Consider your next step with patience and understanding, as any new situation takes time to adapt. By being receptive and in harmony, you are allowing higher powers to help guide you. Healing takes place as you correct the imbalances within.

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