Featured Card of the Day – Ace of Wands – New Babylonian Tarot by Roxana Paul 

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Artist:  Roxana Paul

Website:  http://www.roxanapaul.com


Inspiration, beginning. Inventing a right path, having enthusiasm.

Artist Interpretation 

In the beautiful landscape of the seashore with a temple and several palms on the background we see a giant wand planted in the sand as if it is a tree. The vine climbs up to the wand, making its way towards the sun. The top of the wand in the card shines brightly, symbolizing a creative spark, while the sun behind the wand is rising, showing the beginning of the new day.

Card Meaning 

Ace of Wands represents a new beginning, new ideas, and plans, finding or inventing a new way. It is a moment to realize creative potential, be opened to better possibilities, and to feel sweet smell of success. The significant characteristics of this card include:

– being inspired;

– having faith;

– feeling own power;

– knowing a way.

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