Featured Card of the Day – Shadow ~ Jackal – Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Artist: Paulina Cassidy

Website: http://www.paulina.ws


Self-empowerment, ambition, potential, determination, desire, temptation, indulgence.

Artist Interpretation

Clever Jackal always finds the tools needed to unlock trapped energy. The barriers that hold him back are of his own making, and freedom from obstruction is of his own will. Jackal is the master of the land of shadows that live within the subconscious. By dancing with his shadow-self, he is reborn with new insight and spiritual wisdom. Everyone has a shadow-self composed of desires, repressed thoughts, and instincts. It represents the unknown, and is necessary to embody the whole true self. Without it, we are fragmented. Anger, fear, and other darker characteristics are often associated with negativity, but these are all part of spiritual growth. By accepting all sides of yourself, you can master your shadow self instead of letting it control you The shadow-self is a powerful source for creative energy. If it is repressed, the inner fire is extinguished and blockages increase. As a hunter of opportunity, Jackal will guide you in overcoming the illusion of limitations. Self-empowerment is born from action combined with expression, so release yourself from creative restrictions. Imagination is the ultimate power. It brings about a new awakening and the knowingness that, with care, anything is possible.

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