Featured Card of the Day – Knight of Feathers ~ Coyote – Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Artist: Paulina Cassidy

Website: http://www.paulina.ws


Plans in action, focus, courage, assertive, problem-solver, strategy, warrior.

Artist Interpretation

Coyote has an enquiring mind, and is an intense observer. He is a revealer of truth behind illusion, and always cuts to the chase. Working with his resources, he doesn’t let anything block his progress. Coyote is your guide in putting your goals into action, and he challenges you to strike while the iron is hot. Focus your energy on communicating your ideas, and demonstrate how much you’re in control. If you feel conflicted in making your move, now is the time to grant enough faith in yourself to overcome fear. Be aware and informed, and know that you will be able to deal with any roadblocks as they arise by adjusting plans as needed.

Connect with Paulina:

Website: http://www.paulina.ws

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paulinacassidyart

Twitter: https://twitter.com/paulina_cassidy

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