What Does the Universe Have in Store for You? – The Story and the Reading

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A couple of months ago, a young lady messaged me and had a very valid question. She wanted to know the difference in the readings I do and what they would be like. So, that in turn sparked an idea and I started a contest for a free reading to use as an example of my ‘What Does the Universe Have in Store for You’ reading. The response was phenomenal and I want to thank everyone who participated. 

I asked everyone to tell me their story and why they felt they should win the free reading. This is all going to remain anonymous as far as names and pictures. The winner has agreed that the story submitted, as well as the reading received, may be shared across social media, not only to give a reading example, but in the hope it will help others. 

Free Reading Entry:

I was adopted into an abusive older family (parents were in their 50’s) at the age of 2. I learned to cook and clean. I was loved to a degree, but abused physically and mentally more. When I turned 15, my mother sold me to a child molester. It turned my life into a complete nightmare, they (my mother and this man) were crazy. I ended up pregnant when I was 16. I had a baby girl, who I loved so much even if I was too young for a baby.
The two of them came up with a plan to drive me crazy, take the baby and put me away. Weird things were happening, but I was young I had no clue, One morning I decided to get up at 5am after this man left the room, like he did every morning. I wanted to see what my mother and him, talked about each morning. I overheard them talking about “The Plan” of driving me crazy.  I slowly went back into my room, closed the door quietly, and fell against the wall and slid down in tears.

This was the first time I ever heard God’s voice! He told me “get up, wipe your tears and go back to sleep”. That is what I did, everything seemed to calm down after that. As a result I grew stronger. I never told anyone what I heard.

I told my mother there would come a day when I would be gone and she would never see me again. Let me rewind a moment. I have to mention, 6 months after having my baby girl, I met my real mother. I found out how I came to be adopted.  It was another betrayal. Myself and my little brother, who I have never met, were sold in a bar for the price of the bar tab. The people who adopted me owned the bar. They in turn sold my brother and sold the bar.

There came that day I took the chance of leaving. I was still young, had never been on food stamps, or worked. I took my little girl with me. I was gone for 2 weeks. They eventually found me, took my daughter and held her as ransom. I could not see my little girl unless I came back. 

I couldn’t go back, my spirit was already dead. I knew I would die if I did. I felt I had no choice. I ended up marrying a man who beat me up every day. I allowed it, because I didn’t have my daughter. That was my punishment. As years went by, I grew stronger and left that situation. 

Years later, I married someone I really loved. He was my soulmate. 6 months after giving birth to our second son, my husband was killed in a car accident. 

I was devastated. I felt I was cursed. I had been sold twice in my life by the very people who were supposed to love me. I was left to raise two young boys on my own with no education. My parents who raised me were in the nursing home at this time. I cared for them and buried them when the time came. Then I mustered up the courage to walk into a college and apply to take classes. I felt the size of an ant. I didn’t feel I deserved to be there where normal people were. 

I took the college entry exam and passed. I went to school for business accounting, while working full time and tending to my boys. Those years were extremely hard. I mourned my husband’s death all those years as he was the only person who really loved me. But I had the best part of him that I was raising, in my two sons. 

My youngest now is 19, graduated and moved on. Both of my boys turned out amazing. I have tried over the years to have a relationship with my daughter, but it fails every time. Last year her father was in prison again for child molesting, and I had my daughter back. She told me how pretty I was, and would bring me flowers at work. Then her father got out, and it all changed. 

I have overcome so much without the use of drugs, alcohol and prostitution. I have always had faith that, at the end of the hard road, God had a plan for me, and my story was my “Gift”. 

While becoming an empty nester has been very difficult for me, I have always had someone to care for, from such a young age. In February of 2015, my youngest son married and I decided to let my apartment go and find a room to rent out of someone’s house. I looked carefully and had 2 choices in mind when I was called about looking at this lady’s room to rent. I thought about it and took her offer. Bad idea, she had all the tendencies of my mother, she slammed kitchen cabinets and screamed. She was very negative and I usually just tried to ignore her. On August 12th, I received a text from her in great detail stating she wanted me out by the end of the week. I was tired of her. I had not signed up for this.  I had nowhere to go, but I had been talking with a man, whom I liked very much. The day she sent the text he said just go get your stuff and stay here for a couple of days, till we can figure this out. This was not typical behavior for me. I was at work and listening to Pandora.  The songs were from my past with my husband. I began to cry, not sad thoughts, but happy ones. It felt as if my husband was telling me to remember back, when my heart was open and how I loved deeply. It was a sign. The next day is when I was asked to move out and I went to this man’s house. I had been single for almost 20 years, so was not expecting much. 

When I arrived, I was just talking and he was quietly staring at me. I stopped and really looked at him, in his “eyes”. I said “OMG, it’s YOU!!! Tears fell down my face as I hugged him. It felt like I saw home in his eyes. He did as well. It was a magical night. The next day while at work, my insecurities set in. I text him asking if he was sure he wanted me to come back that night. The meeting was so intense on top of now going through my worst nightmare of being homeless. This man walked away from me, It crushed me to my very core.

I felt such intense feelings of fear. The past was happening all over again. The whispers in my ear of what my mother, that man, and others had said to me how I was nothing and no one would ever love me. I couldn’t understand how or why God would put me HERE to only be beaten down. No family, I was living my worst fear of my life. I am no body, I am broken beyond repair. I had so many dreams, but was only met with obstacles. 

My children, I couldn’t fix my daughter’s relationship with me. I loved my daughter so much, she hated me, I lost her when she was 2, to never have that chance again to raise her, teach her how to love others, to fix her hair and dress her up, to go to any of her school functions.

Then I had my boys, I did not want to be a burden to them. If anyone knew how hard life was, it was me. The only way I saw, was for me to die. I am alone, no money, no family and no real reason to be alive other than creating problems to hurt others it seemed.

That night I decided, I was going to kill myself. I had a full prescription of sleeping pills. I went out to a local and club sat in a booth. I cried and cried with tears falling down my face for hours. I was drinking shots and long island ice teas. Then I went back to the lady’s house where my things still were. In my mind she deserved to find me dead. I opened the bottle of pills and poured them into my hand. I looked at them and thought are you sure this is what you want? Without the chance for my mind to ask that question again, I downed the pills in one gulp.

The next morning, I woke up as if I had taken or drank NOTHING! What? How could this happen? Drinking usually makes me sick and taking just one of those sleeping pills makes me groggy the next day.

I am in Amazement!!! I get a call from my church, one of my church members had called them. They put me in a nice hotel. The first couple of days I was numb. I just sat quietly, not knowing how I was supposed to feel, or what would happen next.

The church councilor was shocked that I was alive after what I took and all that I drank. He told me laughing do you understand God has a plan for your life.

I lived in a hotel for over a month, there came a time where I had to make a decision. Was I going to let this bring me down, meaning living in the streets, or do I have the fight left in me to move forward and see what God has for me to do. Do I have enough “Faith” to believe that this was all a test, for my growth and how bad I wanted to become the teacher I always believed I was to become.

I fought, I prayed and wisdom came to me in ways to rise up again, like “The Phoenix” (I have tattooed on my back). It was a hard fight, but once I set my mind to move forward, nothing was getting in my way. 

When I moved out of my apartment I had broken my lease. I didn’t understand how hard it would be to rent again. I was directed to some apartments down a road I had not considered. They were very nice.  I told the lady about the lease being broken. I was afraid for her to run my credit. I had been turned down so many times. I gave the application to her and was going to leave because I didn’t want her to look at me as a loser. She said stay and wait. I did and she came back with great news. I had the apartment, the lights and everything else I needed was there. I am in a total different place in my life then where I was 2 to 3 months ago.

Looking back over my life and what has happened, I see the things I went through was a school in life and wisdom. Anyone can go to college and learn just about anything.

But to learn about people, life, hardships, grief and pain is not taught in college. It is a gift of wisdom that only a few are selected to learn. I believe if those that are still grieving, over a bad past would look at it in a way as a gift, “You” were chosen to go through this to understand and help others, because only you can. It frees you up and makes you appreciate life in a whole new way.

Hopefully I will have the chance to inspire and empower others that feel like they are stuck, cursed and have no power, or do not understand what power is. I was blessed by having guides, angels and Jesus teaching me and guiding me the whole way. 



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What Does the Universe Have in Store for You?

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FINALLY! Venus is direct. Hopefully your relationship difficulties will ease up and move on for you. On the 13th, there is a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Can you say YIKES!!!? Look for the possible eclipse of a male figure from your life at this time. 

On the 17th, Saturn leaves Scorpio. You may exhale now! Oh, wait! Keep holding your breath as Mercury will be retrograde on the 17th. Things feel warm and fuzzy for some reason on the 23rd at the Autumn Equinox. Mars moves into Virgo on the 25th. Time to tidy things up. Also, on the 25th, Pluto goes direct. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the 27th has you raring to go. 

So, September will be a super-charged month. Is everyone ready?

I received an email from a nice young lady in the United Kingdom the other day. She was inquiring about the different readings I offer. Specifically, she wanted to know about my reading titled “What Does the Universe Have in Store for You”. I politely responded with a recorded email explaining the process:

I use an entire deck of cards for this reading. I tell you absolutely everything I see in a recorded message meant only for you. The approximate length is 25-30 minutes. The price is $40.00USD. 

So, here’s the thing. I started thinking…wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could access a real reading and hear what I say? I need a guinea pig!

I NEVER share readings that I’ve done. They are private. But, one person, and one person only, will be eligible to receive this reading for free. It will be listened to by thousands. I will post it as a sample.  I will choose on September 20th. The conditions to be eligible are as follows:

1.  The reading will provide complete anonymity, but by entering you agree it can be used on social media. Your name or picture will never be used. Your story will be included to provide background. 

2.  To enter, write to me at the link provided below. What is going on in your life?  What do you need to know? Why do you feel you should receive a free reading? Be sure that your story makes sense. 

3. If your story is chosen for consideration, you will need to provide pictures. They are for my eyes only and will never be shared. 

Thank you! I really think this will be fun! ❤️

Offer valid through September 13, 2015. 


Artwork Credit: Creative Dawn

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