What Does the Universe Have in Store for You?


FINALLY! Venus is direct. Hopefully your relationship difficulties will ease up and move on for you. On the 13th, there is a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Can you say YIKES!!!? Look for the possible eclipse of a male figure from your life at this time. 

On the 17th, Saturn leaves Scorpio. You may exhale now! Oh, wait! Keep holding your breath as Mercury will be retrograde on the 17th. Things feel warm and fuzzy for some reason on the 23rd at the Autumn Equinox. Mars moves into Virgo on the 25th. Time to tidy things up. Also, on the 25th, Pluto goes direct. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries on the 27th has you raring to go. 

So, September will be a super-charged month. Is everyone ready?

I received an email from a nice young lady in the United Kingdom the other day. She was inquiring about the different readings I offer. Specifically, she wanted to know about my reading titled “What Does the Universe Have in Store for You”. I politely responded with a recorded email explaining the process:

I use an entire deck of cards for this reading. I tell you absolutely everything I see in a recorded message meant only for you. The approximate length is 25-30 minutes. The price is $40.00USD. 

So, here’s the thing. I started thinking…wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could access a real reading and hear what I say? I need a guinea pig!

I NEVER share readings that I’ve done. They are private. But, one person, and one person only, will be eligible to receive this reading for free. It will be listened to by thousands. I will post it as a sample.  I will choose on September 20th. The conditions to be eligible are as follows:

1.  The reading will provide complete anonymity, but by entering you agree it can be used on social media. Your name or picture will never be used. Your story will be included to provide background. 

2.  To enter, write to me at the link provided below. What is going on in your life?  What do you need to know? Why do you feel you should receive a free reading? Be sure that your story makes sense. 

3. If your story is chosen for consideration, you will need to provide pictures. They are for my eyes only and will never be shared. 

Thank you! I really think this will be fun! ❤️

Offer valid through September 13, 2015. 


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