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Today, I would like to speak a little about what I do. I have been a Tarot reader for 45 years. I have my own approach as anyone I have ever read for will tell you. I read intuitively, so I never know what is going to come out of my mouth. I grew up without technology, but have learned to embrace it and incorporate it into what I do. It truly enhances the reading process. I care about the people for whom I read and like to see them through to their goals. Everyone’s troubles are real and it’s nice to be able to help. 

We are in a very transitional time at the moment. Every single one of us is affected in some way by the shift that is taking place in the universe. A #Tarot reading can bring guidance, clarity and peace of mind. 

One of the things I like to do, even for a simple question, is to work with photographs. I always like to see the person for whom I am reading, as well as anyone about whom they may be inquiring. 

All readings are recorded and emailed directly to the email address provided by you. I accept PayPal only. 

Questions – $5 each 

Please phrase with a Who, What When, Where, or Why. If you feel you need to clarify your question with a backstory, or a photo, you may do so at no additional charge. I do not care if you write me a book. Clear questions make all the difference in the world. 

Relationship Readings – $20

It is recommended to inquire as to a current or potential relationship in this type of reading. Examples would be love, business, family, and friends. Photos are encouraged, when available. Past relationships are better left there. (Please note, at the time of this post Venus is retrograde and we are into eclipse season. Relationships can be quite fragile at this time. )

What Does the Universe Have in Store for You? – $40

This reading lets in that which you need to know. Events, themes, behavioral patterns, children, spouses, coworkers, and many other things can come out here. So, if you do not wish to know about a certain area, (i. e., career), please make that clear. This one is generally 25-30 minutes in length. 

I can also do custom readings that are either tailored to your budget or designed to incorporate the amount of information you are seeking. 

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