New Moon in Libra – Monday, October 12, 2015

This is my Tarot guidance for the New Moon in Libra. 

Recently, you have been feeling trapped and unable to move forward. All of that is changing now. Releasing the garbage will set you free and restore balance. Patience is required. View all messages pertaining to change in a realistic fashion. Do not allow yourself to be disillusioned by hopes and dreams that have been abandoned. It has been for good reason. 

There is a positive change with a new start and divine intervention coming at this time. You will be feeling stronger and this is an important time to send out your intentions. Professional dealings and positive outcomes with family matters are coming your way. 

At this New Moon, delays are finally gone and there is forward movement. You can feel free now to make choices. All types of partnerships are highlighted. Important decisions can be made now which shall further your goals. 

Things have come full circle and a door will open. It leads to recuperation from all the nonsense you endured for so long. Stability returns and aggravation subsides. Dare I say happiness? Yes, things are beginning to look up!

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Artwork Credit:  Art by Raventalker 

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