Through the Eyes of Tarot – Autumn Equinox – September 23, 2015


When the pumpkins come. This phrase has haunted me for the last nine years. Truly, people, this is the year. Here is my #Tarot guidance for this Autumn Equinox. Are you ready?

Of all of the things you’ve had in your life, what has been missing? Money? Love? Get ready, it’s time for a sneak peak at the life of which you have always dreamed. The Autumn Equinox sets your destiny in motion. You have learned your lessons, so now you see clearly what you need and want. There is a saying to be careful what you wish for, but, this wish does not feel like it contains regrets. You may act as giddy as a small child when you feel the warmth of the universe as it keeps aligning the planets in your favor. It’s certainly about time. Now, finally, you may begin to put the hard times behind you. It’s time to open one eye and take a peak. Yes, you’re free to go now. 

The fog begins to lift between October 12-15 and the universe is now lighting your way. You are so much wiser than you ever were. News regarding financial commitments and career status begins to look up for you. Catch your breath now. You are finally in recovery mode. There is a great deal of back and forth motion for you at this time. For some, it may be physical travel, but for many it will be the busyness of restoring order to your life. 

Smoother waters will be reached with relationships. Some will find accord with that person they finally divorced. It will be easier to come to agreements with one another. Others will move on from the sadness associated with relationship and commitment issues. You begin to restore balance to your life and receive a small bit of financial news along the way. All these things that have happened to you have brought you to a greater knowing of the universe. You begin to believe in that thing you have called intuition. 

Everything in your life is coming full circle. Doors are closing and new ones are opening. You can make choices now that truly set you free. Many will undergo a huge career shift for the better. Phenomenal success is indicated. You will actually want to celebrate the endings when you realize what the universe has planned for you. Time to bury the past. 

Realistic path choices. Hmmmm. Your hopes and dreams are finally in front of you. Which way will you go? Family dynamics will improve for many as everyone gains new insights and understanding of the lives of those around them. Part of the reality is being able to see everything in black and white…no more muddied waters. Be ready to pick up the pace and move forward to the next chapter. 

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