Featured Card of the Day – 8 of Swords – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water

Artist: Pierre Carles

Website: PierreCarles.com


Mire of your own making, impotence, fear, isolation

Artist’s Interpretation and Card Meaning:

“In my representation, symbolism of Japanese shibari immediately struck me as having a strong connection with the meaning of the card. Like the lady, the bounded person is restrained only through her own acceptance of the situation, she really retains full control over the precess and can decide to leave freely at any time.

The air element, generally associated with the suit of swords, is hinted at by the wind in her dress and her long, black hair.

Isolated, trapped between the sea, the land and the sky, Mont Saint Michel diffuses a powerful sense of spirituality. Using the image in my representation suggests that the city in the distance is a symbol of spiritual elevation, that can be reached only by shedding the bounds of one’s own fears and preconceptions.”

A woman is bound and blindfolded, eight swords surrounding her like a cage, suspended above the water, in air that blows her hair and dress. Behind her is a pathway to an island town, but she cannot see it. Grey clouds above her symbolize that she has lost all hope. But she could get free from her bondage, remove the blindfold, and there is space between the swords for her to escape. The sea swirls below her, but her feet never get wet – this is not a physical or emotional prison, but a cold and dry prison of logic.

This card reflects a mental cage of your own making – there are options to free yourself if you only look. You may feel that you are alone in the world, but you’re not.

Astrological Association & Element

Air/Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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