Featured Card of the Day – The Devil – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water

Artist: David Van Gough

Website: DavidGoughArt.com


Temptation, bondage, excesses, ignorance, self-destruction

Artist’s Interpretation and Card Meaning:

“With this piece, I wanted to take a traditional, secular avatar and revise it to a set of recognizable boundaries in culturally and politically relevant sense. We are beholden to established power structures, to our acquisitions, to our narcissism, to the illusionary deception of fear through the media, the physical bondage of materialism, to superficial totems, to our endless distractions, our disconnection of each other through a Wi-Fi connection, our addiction to fossil fuels for the plundering of our environment, for our love of oil is the true adoration of the serpent.”

Central to this image is a horned demon, with naval vessels where wings should be. Before him, a man and a woman stand, bound by fuel pipes pumping oil into a green, acidic ocean, but they are not chained, the pipes twisted loosely around them. They could easily escape, but they do nothing. Relaxed, they gaze at their smartphones, absorbed in their own worlds, rather than facing reality. A torch suggests illumination, but it is another trick that hides the truth.

This card warns that we do not see things as they really are. We focus on material, temporary pleasures and care little for the world around us, rather than dancing with these pleasures and moving on. We concentrate on restrictions and negativity that we believe hold us back, rather than pushing forward.

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