Featured Card of the Day – The Star – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water

Artist: Carla Morrow

Website: DragonLadyArt.com


Guiding light, hope, inspiration, healing, promise

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning:

“The Star card represents hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, and serenity. The dragon has just emerged from the depths of the ocean. The place where inspiration comes from. The sound of the calm waves bringing her to a place of absolute serenity. Water pours and drips from her wings, one back into the ocean, giving back to renew, replenish, and refill the well. The other pouring into the earth in five rivulets, one for each of our five senses. There are eight stars in total, one for each of the major chakras. She is picking up starfish from the beach and placing them into the heavens as stars to help guide our way, offering the first inkling of hope in a normally dark sky.”

A dragon sits, composed and serene, on a calm beach, plucking starfish from the sand, infusing them with light and placing them in the sky. She brings hope and a guiding light for others on their journey. She has recently emerged from the sea, moving on to the next stage of her own journey, leaving her troubles behind. Water flows off her, from one wing, back to the sea, replenishing the never-ending life cycle, and falling from the other to the dry beach, showing the balance she maintains between her everyday activities and her intuition.

This card represents a new phase – having faced the challenges you have endured so far, you are entering a time of hope and renewal – this card is shining a light on you to guide you on your way.

Astrological Association & Element

Air / Aquarius

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