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Artist: Brenda Saydak

Website: None given


Knight of old, romantic, chivalrous, kind, sometimes unrealistic

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“The Knight of Cups is traditionally portrayed astride a steed holding out a cup. Here, his mount is represented by a seahorse, which he launches on with a romantic gesture of his hands. The “heart hands” gesture is so trendy right now, and represents the continuing relevance of Tarot in modern life – it’s always good to stay in touch with our intuitive side in the face of the universal appeal of technology. His whimsical side is represented by cavorting otters, one wears a necklace representing femininity, the other bears a shell, the cup, and also a representation of the Divine Feminine in Wicca.

As an artist, I felt this card was a perfect match for me. I wanted to capture the beauty and whimsy of this card, and represent the importance creativity has in my life. This card reminds me of the importance of striving toward my dreams and making sure my spirit is nurtured.”

Within a swirl of tumultuous water, two otters frolic around a stationary androgynous yout – the Knight of Cups. His hands form the shape of a heart, through which a seahorse swims. One of the otters holds a message in a bottle, the other holds a shell. The Knight wears no armor – he is a lover, not a fighter. This is a knight of hearts and chivalry, in touch with his feminine side and his emotions, he is ruled by them, but not a slave to them.

The Knight of Cups is a messenger of sorts, and he brings romantic news, also taking the creative journey of the Page of Cups to the next level. His message is an invitation that will allow emotional needs to be fully met.

Astrological Association & Element

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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