Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mercury in Capricorn – December 2, 2016

Here we are again, folks. Creeping up on on Mercury’s fourth retrograde of the year and its second encounter with Capricorn. All four have been in earth signs and this is definitely where you will want to keep your focus. Things have been changing lately for you and a practical approach toward what will ultimately make you happy is necessary. Keep building on that solid base and expect all kinds of information to be coming your way. If you haven’t been cutting corners in your life, there is a good possibility that you can still achieve some forward momentum, in spite of Mercury’s seemingly backward motion. However, if you have, then you shouldn’t be surprised if a challenge arises which needs your immediate attention.

There is a shift in the climate of your relationships. We all know that Mercury has a tendency to bring people from the past back into your life. If previously things did not go so well, expect that this time there will be a vast improvement in the relationship dynamic and the communication surrounding it. (Please do not sit and wish for some old, narcissistic love to return, as this is not what I mean.) Your hard times, in spite of the retrograde, are being replaced with wonderful dreamy ideas; perhaps you should be putting them all in a notebook as they come to you, for now is not likely the time to act on most of them. You are in the developing stage with plans you wish to carry out over the next few months now that you have felt the release of that five-year grip. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities available to you to be with family and friends at this time, likely due to the holidays.

Things which previously had you concerned that perhaps they would just never prove abundant, are now coming to fruition. All is not lost during this retrograde as you will see a wish come true, and it seems to give you a peek into the unknown which has haunted you for some time. This can be a successful, emotionally fulfilling time if you open your eyes to the possibilities which are coming your way.

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