Fall/Spring Equinox – September 22, 2016 – 10:21am EST – Guidance for the Season

Change as far as the eye can see. There is a whole world out there; which way would you like to go? Finally, the time has come for a choice in direction, and once again the reminder to take your time and not to be impulsive about it. You have grown stronger through the losses you incurred and have also achieved a great deal of wisdom as a result. Turn your focus toward the choices at hand, and know that there are new things making their way to you. This part of the journey is one of discovery and exploration. 

You have learned so much about yourself in recent years, and now are able to rise above the confusion which at times could hold you back.  Your emotional well-being is now much more stable and you are certainly more grounded than you have been in quite some time. Your whole life has taken on a new perspective and has totally flipped from what it was this time last year. Not seeing any need for a fight of any kind, it is wiser to go forth with kindness and compassion for others. This new state of being is a result of your experiences and who you are now becoming. 

That feeling of hindsight being 20/20 will serve to show you that truly no one can hold you back other than yourself. You are achieving a new mental understanding of the ways of the Universe and the changes that it has to offer. Now you are more capable of defending your position and moving forward toward your hopes and dreams. The delays around you are dissipating or gone and you are finally able to pick up and move along your path, but remember, first you must choose which way that will be.  

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