Featured Card of the Day – The Emperor – 78 Tarot Carnival ~ Cirque du Tarot

Artist: Stanley Morrison

Website: StanleyMorrison.com


Father figure, authority, maturity, experience, power

Artist Statement

“Since this card complements the Empress, I wanted to incorporate some of the same colors that Jessica Douglas used for the Empress. I made the colors more vibrant to symbolize his passion and energy for life and its challenges. I put slightly torn clothing to indicate that he has acquired years of wisdom and experience and he is worthy of listening to because he has seen firsthand the consequences of his actions. The long, white beard also helps in this. For his intellect and astral ruler symbol, there are four ram heads carved in the throne. The orb I wanted to be magical, so I made a blue orb on fire to represent the carnival world over which he rules.”

Card Meaning

A white-haired ringmaster sits on a gilded throne, in front of a mass of circus tents. This is his world, the throne an obvious symbol of leadership, the rams’ heads symbols of his discipline. The Emperor’s clothes are ripped and torn – this leader works just as hard as his carnies. He earned his experience and authority, he is to be respected and admired. He wears an opulent Venetian mask, his white eyes stare intently, and although they appear to be inanimate and sightless, they bore through you. He carries a pulsing fiery orb and a staff decorated with an ankh. The ankh is representative of the authority, the flaming orb, a globe that represents his dominion.

This card suggests that hard work, and playing within the rules, will bring you the rewards you seek. The stability and experience you achieve will bring you the respect of your peers and help you on your way.

Astrological Association & Element

Fire / Aries

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