Featured Card of the Day – Judgement – 78 Tarot Carnival ~ Cirque du Tarot

Artist: Michael Calandra

Website: CalandraStudio.com


Judgment, revelation, redemption, renewal

Artist Statement

“My interpretation of the Judgement card involves a female character in place of the Angel Gabriel. She is dressed in a style reminiscent of a Venetian carnival, but still has the angel wings to signify her being the Gabriel figure. She is using her trumpet to call the souls of recently, and not so recently, deceased clowns to appear for judgement. The mountains, ocean waves in her crystal ball, and even the wave pattern in the tablecloth symbolize the insurmountable obstacles of avoiding judgment instead of a traditional banner. I incorporated the red and white colors of Gabriel’s banner into her clothing.”

Card Meaning

The angel of judgment sits waiting, her trumpet resting on a table, next to a crystal ball. She has called, and the sould of the carnival are coming. Some joyful, expecting good news from a figure who comes to them in the familiar form of a fortune teller. Others are scared of what spiritual judgment will bring. Within the angel’s crystal ball, waves crash and swirl, the ever-moving, inescapable ocean a symbol for the inevitability of judgment. With all endings, there is a new beginning, and some will be judged worthy of achieving bliss.

This card suggests a fresh start, but only after a time of contemplation. The vital role water plays in this card suggests that both intellectual and emotional reflection is needed. – time to weigh up your past behavior with both eyes open, and move on, refreshed and renewed.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Pluto

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