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Artist: B. K. Lusk

Website: BKLusk.com


Balance, charity, generosity, success

Artist Statement

“The seven of pentacles portrays a young woman, taking a break, and gathering herself after working long and hard in her garden. She leans on her shovel admiring the flowers and vines that are in full bloom. She reflects on her hard work, contemplating the rewards she has reaped.”

Card Meaning

A beautiful circus woman stands, spade in hand, with opulent, pentacle-filled vines growing around her. She has paused, stopped to survey the fruits of her labor, and appreciate what she has achieved so far. She is wearing an intricate headdress, dressed finely, showing that she has already had some success, but her face shows no real joy. She seems neutral – neither happy nor sad, and has stopped to analyze, and evaluate what is still to be done. What she is doing right, and what she should improve. She will not be truly ahppy until her task is complete.

This card reminds us we should not blindly plow ahead, but that we should use our time wisely, to occasionally analyze our work so far, and ensure we stay on the right track. Not to bask in our own glory, but to continually keep improving and progressing.

Astrological Element & Association

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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