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Artist: Kiri Ostergaard Leonard

Website: KiriLeonard.com


Eager, energetic, passionate, curious

Artist Statement

“The Page of Swords is a messenger of turbulent energy and enthusiasm. She is ready to begin whether it’s a new project, a new idea or just taking action. With her sword she cuts to the truth. She is inquisitive; she knows how to ask important questions but lacks perspective due to her youth. Her red sash symbolizes passion, bells ring in the wind, calling her to action; she needs an outlet for her ideas and feelings. Spirals symbolize surrendering to passion and inspiration. As the spiral moves out pent up energy is released. A shadow from turbulent clouds in the background crosses over her face. She can be a symbol of incoming conflict. She has the desire to prove herself, which can be a double-edged sword; she may consider herself superior to others because she lacks experience and wisdom – she does not yet have maturity to express herself in a constructive way.”

Card Meaning

A young carny holds a sword aloft, feet poised for action, ready not just to start a journey, but to rush forward, with all her energy, and sprint toward the goal. The way ahead is bright and inviting, but a dark shadow looms, warning of possible trouble ahead, but she takes no notice. Raring to go, tumultuous energy sparks and swirls around this impatient Page as she glances back, inviting you to join her.

With so much energy and passion at the start, the question is whether you can keep up this level of commitment to the end, and what you will encounter along the way. For now, though, this card is telling you to go with it – you might have a lot still to learn, but that can be done along the way.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra Aquarius

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