Featured Card of the Day – 9 of Swords – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Jessica Perner

Website:  http://www.jessicaperner.com


Nightmares, worries, despair

Artist Interpretation

When I researched my card, the nine of Swords, I was a both frightened and intrigued because it is known as the lord of cruelty. The card is about having fears and anxieties that you yourself have created. I wanted to stay true to the meaning of the card by creating a mini world that the woman is sleeping in, hence the pillow is a castle and the blankets are hills. In this world she’s trapped in, she has no idea that everything worrying her is not tangible or real, just nightmare.

I showed the astral theme by choosing to depict the abyss of the universe above her head in which the nine swords are being held threateningly over her. Space is vacuous, bleak and seemingly never ending. The swords represent the depression and anxiety being held by her own hair; implying it’s all self-imposed.

Connect with 78 Tarot:

A beautiful maiden sleeps, and as she does so, her mind weaves worlds that partially manifest, with her very hair forming branches and trees within her dreamscape. Her pillow transforms into a castle, akin to a fairy tale. But not all is well within this dream world. Nine swords fly through the cosmos, held back only by the branches of the tree formed by her hair. They glint in the night, but for now she is safe…

When this card appears in a reading, it is suggesting your current path is not a happy one. Worries and concerns are threatening to overcome you. While stress, and even fear are natural emotions, helpful in their own way, you should not let them get out of control. Don’t let them eat at your peace of mind. Confront the mental anguishes that are in danger of manifesting themselves as actual problems, before they make you ill, and set yourself free.





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