Featured Card of the Day – Strength – Venetian Tarot by Eugene Vinitski

Artist:  Eugene Vinitski 


Overcoming of circumstances, success, luck, pleasure, vital energy, wise decision, harmonious relations, and self-confidence. 

Artist Interpretation 

A lady is playfully walking her gentleman on a leash. Although he wears a mask of a lion, and the red color of his clothes reminds us of the savagery and strength of this predator, her power over him is so great that the leash hangs loosely between her fingers. It seems that he obeys the slightest movement of her fan.

Strength trump is responsible for the suppression of instincts and the mani- festation of wisdom and virtuousness. It helps cultivate courage, patience, endurance, common sense, and generosity. To tame the wild unbridled energy and direct it for the benefit of yourself and people around. In those, who could not handle this power, this archetype can be manifested by throes of passions, cruelty, brute force, and the desire for domination and repression.

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